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Introducing Auntie Val's Orange & Ginger Marmalade, a delightful blend of the finest oranges and ginger spices. Made with carefully selected ripe oranges, this marmalade is bursting with citrusy flavor and a hint of warmth from the ginger. Spread it on toast for a zesty breakfast, or use it as a glaze for roast meats for a tangy twist. Handcrafted in small batches, Auntie Val's Orange & Ginger Marmalade is made with natural ingredients and no artificial additives, ensuring a delicious and wholesome product. Perfect for anyone who loves a sweet and tangy marmalade with a punch of ginger, this product is sure to become a pantry staple.


Prepared Oranges, Ginger, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Gelling Agent (Pectin) and nothing else.


Prepared with 26.3g Fruit and 1.5g Ginger per 100g, Total Sugar content 65g per 100g.

Auntie Val's Orange & Ginger Marmalade

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