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Deerview FOOD CO supply tasty Food Service Catering tubs of Chutney, Jam, Marmalade and Condiments, these are suitable for commercial kitchens in restaurants, pubs, tea rooms, cafes and delis across the U.K.

We currently specialise our flavours in 1kg food grade catering tubs, but can also supply in 3kg and larger (based on minimum orders).  In addition we are able to supply 41g Single Serve Jars.

Products currently available in catering tubs:



  • Ale Chutney 1kg

  • Beetroot Chutney 1kg

  • Cheeseboard Chutney 1kg

  • Chilli Chutney 1kg

  • Farmhouse Chutney 1kg

  • Onion Chutney 1kg

  • Hot Onion Chutney 1kg

  • Red Onion Chutney 1kg

  • Plum Chutney 1kg

  • Piccalilli 1kg

  • Spiced Apple Chutney 1kg

  • Spicy Mango Chutney 1kg

  • Spicy Aubergine Chutney 1kg

  • Tomato Chutney 1kg

  • Jumbleberry Preserve 1kg

  • Raspberry Preserve 1kg

  • Strawberry preserve 1kg

  • Seville Orange Marmalade 1kg

  • Cranberry Sauce 1kg


  • Cheeseboard Chutney 41g

  • Jumbleberry Preserve 41g

  • Raspberry Preserve 41g

  • Strawberry Preserve 41g

  • Seville Orange Marmalade 41g


  • Christmas Chutney 1kg

  • Mulled Wine Chutney 1kg

  • Fig Chutney 1kg 


  • Cranberry Sauce 1kg

1kg Catering Tubs (Chutney) Deerview Fine Foods Deerview Deli

Are you looking for a food service product that isn't in our list?  Just get in touch and based on minimum order quantities we may be able to make it bespokely for you.

If you are you a Food Service Wholesaler and want to sell a bespoke branded food service product?  Get in touch, we can create a new label for you to white label our products.

We are looking for National Distributors, get in touch for Wholesaler / Distributer Pricing.

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