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Introducing Auntie Val's Thick Cut Seville Marmalade, a truly indulgent experience for marmalade lovers. Made with the finest Thick Cut Seville Oranges, this marmalade is bursting with tangy, citrus flavor and a delightful texture. Each slice of orange is hand-cut to create a lusciously thick and chunky marmalade that spreads smoothly on toast or scones. Enjoy the unmistakable taste of Seville Oranges in every spoonful, perfect for adding a zesty touch to your breakfast or afternoon tea. Whether you're a marmalade connoisseur or simply love a good citrus spread, Auntie Val's Thick Cut Seville Marmalade is a must-have in your pantry.


Prepared Seville Oranges, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Gelling Agent (Pectin), and nothing else.


Prepared with 23.6g Fruit per 100g, Total Sugar content 67g per 100g


Auntie Val's Thick Cut Seville Marmalade

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