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Introducing Auntie Val's Orange Ginger & Whisky Marmalade, a delightful combination of Seville oranges with a hint of whisky. Made with the finest Seville oranges and just a touch of premium whisky, this marmalade is perfect for adding a zesty kick to your breakfast or snack time. The addition of ginger adds a subtle warmth and depth of flavor, making this marmalade a truly unique and special treat. Spread it on toast, scones, or use it as a glaze for meats and fish to add a delicious twist to your favorite dishes. Auntie Val's Orange Ginger & Whisky Marmalade is a must-have for any food lover looking for a gourmet and sophisticated addition to their pantry.


Prepared Seville Oranges, Whisky, Water, Sugar, Lemon Juice, Gelling Agent (Pectin), and nothing else.


Prepared with 27.8g Fruit and 9g Whisky per 100g, Total Sugar content 66g per 100g.

Auntie Val's Orange Ginger & Whisky Marmalade

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